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Rosie's Wedding Bouquet Portrait

I was contacted by Anita, who wanted to do something special for her daughter-in-law to celebrate her recent wedding. 


She emailed me photos of the wedding bouquet and we discussed the technique of painting she wanted me to achieve.  The palette was soft tones and it was a very organic all natural bouquet. 


The painting's 12" x 12" size captured the delicateness of the bouquet.


Here's what Anita said about the experience:


I had watched a Youtube video of another artist in another country do a painting of a wedding bouquet and decided it would be a perfect Christmas gift for my new daughter-in-law, Rosie.  She and my son Bryn were married in August 2017 in France and her bouquet was one of the most beautiful I had ever seen.  

You took my idea and listened carefully to what I wanted.  You were so enthused over the idea and I really appreciated that.

Rosie was very happy ~ and impressed! ~ with the painting and it is now hanging in their home in the Middle East ~ Amman, Jordan.  It travelled all that way and arrived unscathed.  


It was certainly a pleasure working with you and the painting turned out fantastic.


- Anita

Cindy’s Daisy

Cindy came to my studio and requested one of my daisies to be painted with a  specific background colour of dark navy blue – she brought a pillow from the bedroom where she wanted to hang the painting and I matched the colours perfectly.

The painting's 16" x 40" size fits beautifully over Cindy's bed!

I think Cindy needs 3 more pillows...with daisies!


Karen and John's Cow

While working a shift at the Owen Sound Artist’s Co-op three customers came in looking for me – they had seen my work before and asked me to paint a very large painting of a Charolaise bull cow.  They provided me with a photo they loved and I did some research for more details on this type of cow.  It was great fun achieving the details of the eyelashes and hairs on the chin!


Don't let the tiny photo fool you, at 40" x 48", that's a lot of bull!


What are you passionate about? What is your life's work? What gets you excited or soothes your soul? Let's work together to celebrate it in a piece of art that lasts forever.


You can call me at 519-270-3587 to talk about your ideas or email me by clicking on the button below.


John's Cruiser

Toni wanted to surprise her boyfriend with a painting of his favourite sports car.  I was thrilled with the request and we came up with a great reference photo with awesome sun reflections

12" x 24" is just enough room to capture all those sleek reflections!








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