Wedding Guest Activity

Paint your wedding wonderful!

Have you ever considered an engaging activity for your guests while you’re having your photos taken?  

Want to keep Aunt Betty out of the punch bowl? 

Well here’s your answer!

What you get:
•    An activity during cocktail hour that your guests can engage in
•    An ice breaker to get guests socializing
•    A stunning painting of your wedding bouquet created by your family and friends, professionally finished by artist Kelly Maw

How it works:
•    I prearrange a time to photograph the bouquet and prepare the canvas before guests arrive
•    I set up at the reception location (mat, easel, table, chair, protective smocks, etc)
•    When guests arrive I encourage them to take a turn painting – collaboratively we’ll create a masterpiece!  No one needs artistic ability to enjoy this event – I will have everything laid out and will guide everyone on this fun artistic journey
•    The sides of the canvas will be pre-painted and a signing pen available for your family and friends to sign their names all around the outside edge.
•    After cocktail hour I will tidy up and head off to complete the painting at home!


Prices for The Experience that includes the Painting:
•    24 x 24″ = $650.00
•    24 x 30″ = $800.00
•    30 x 30″ = $950.00
•    Custom sizes available


A high definition jpeg will also be included – this would be awesome for the creation of your Thank You cards! (arrangements can be made for Kelly to create these cards for you)

Transportation and delivery costs may apply.







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