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I am so excited to bring you more tools

for your art and soul!

Hopefully, we all find coping tools to deal with our daily stresses. My experience working in a stressful environment has led me to yoga.  I am an active person and appreciate that yoga offers physical engagement as well as mental relaxation.  As a dance teacher for over 14 years, it felt like a natural transition to start teaching yoga.

I love the concept of combining art and yoga and future Funshops will see that natural blend – although you won’t be expected to paint while in a downward dog pose we will combine it in a fun, nurturing way!

I call them 'Maw-thentic' Yoga Flow Sessions!

Kelly Maw

Yoga Flow Sessions

Yoga classes at The Mat are the perfect opportunity for you to gift yourself some 'me' time! 

Gentle stretch, flow sessions, restorative, and some fun challenging postures. 

All postures are offered with various alternative positions.  I offer assists to deepen stretches and I like to explain what we're doing and why. 

Sink into the breath - learn the beauty of meditation and what deepening the breath will do for your self-care. 

Lean about the power of essential oils and how they can calm and heal. 

For centuries essential oils have been used to deepen meditation.

You will have to opportunity to sample and try oils to deepen your yoga experience.






Register @ or call/txt 519-270-3587

****New Yoga Online Session!****

Join my Private Facebook Page Kelly's Yoga Flow from Home.

Cost is $40 per month and has lots of content.

Weekly -  1:15 session of flow - last week of each month restorative.

Weekly -  short session with a target area - ie tight shoulders, hips

Yogascult, Yogalates, Capoeira yoga, Block & Strap Party

Plus!  A bonus Yoga Dance series!  Each month with have a Yoga Dance routine!

Monday/Tuesday - full length session posted

Wednesday - Yoga Dance session posted

Thursday - Short target session

Mini Mawvelous Mudras - short meditation video clips will be posted throughout the week

Lot's of yummy inspirations!

Regular Classes - once they resume!

Thursday Mornings 8:45 - 10 am

Tuesday and Thursday Afternoons 4:30 - 5:45 pm

Cost for class $17 per class - 4 weeks $60.

Payment can be made by etransfer to or cash or cheque at first class of session ~ with gratitude ~

Talk to me about registering for both yoga sessions and paint lessons for a reduction in your total cost.







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