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A Leap of Faith – Caught by the Universe of Love!


The compelling moment of capturing an image and then transforming it to last a lifetime – the final magical stroke of the brush that fills the irresistible desire to recreate a vision.


For Kelly Maw painting fills essential needs – to recreate the tiniest detail – to catch the soft glow of evening light – the vibrant hues in sunshine – a deep shadow – a crisp curve – a sense of depth – a striking contrast. 


Sharing her passion is a nurturing act and Kelly enjoys teaching workshops that encourage the same in others.  Finding joy in blending colours, mastering brushstrokes, building confidence and cultivating social networks creates a wonderful balance.  Kelly is always quick with a quip or silly term and gets great pleasure out of teaching the two brush two step, the chica chica and the bend and dip.  Students leave her classes feeling inspired, accomplished and full of social love and laughter.


The love of art connects people in a profound way – the joyful bond is empowering, strong and deep.

Kelly's work can be seen at

The Mat & The Easel

789 16th ST E


As well as these other fine local galleries.

The Owen Sound Artist Co-op 

The Southampton Art Gallery   

Howard Florist and Greenhouse   ​​







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