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About Kelly Maw

About Kelly Maw

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  • YouTube MaWvelous Creativity with Kelly
  • YouTube Mawvelous Yoga with Kelly
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Clowning Around

The Mawvelous Miss Kelly!



I am a pretty darn cheerful human who is blessed to travel our country with my sweet dog Sybella, painting and practicing yoga!

What a life!  I meet so many amazing people and have had the pleasure of teaching lots of classes all over!  Also I love to have Art Attacks on doors, know...anything! Have paint will travel!

It fills my soul to spend time in nature and then to land behind the easel to spend time creating.  It is SO meditative!

Please subscribe for updates - my 2022 goal is to have some haha - you shouldn't find me cluttering up your in box!

Click here to check out my Youtube Mawvelous Creativity with Kelly!

And here to check out Youtube

Mawvleous Yoga with Kelly!

So much fun!!  So little time hahahah!

Have a Mawvelous Day my Friends! xo

sybella in the snow with her coat!
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Kelly's work can be seen at

The Mat & The Easel

789 16th ST E


As well as these other fine local galleries.

The Owen Sound Artist Co-op 

The Southampton Art Gallery   


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