When you unleash your passion

it’s impossible for others to not be impacted. 

It is a wonderful feeling for me

when someone stops to immerse themselves

in an image I have painted. 

It is my hope that when you take

that painting home and have that joy

hanging on your wall,

it will keep you focused on

what is important in life! 

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Kelly Maw


The Easel

Here is a sampling of Kelly's art available to buy at

The Mat & The Easel.


"There really isn't anything that I won't paint or paint on lol!

My commissions are a wonderful part of my artistic growth and I love love love the challenges they bring!" ~ Kelly

Visit Kelly's Commissioned Art Page Here.

The Mat & The Easel

Other pieces can be seen at  

The Mat & The Easel


As well as these other

fine galleries:​

The Owen Sound Artist Co-op 

The Southampton Art Gallery 

Random Pop-up Locations!​​