​​Consider your door as a welcoming embrace before you even enter your  home.  A greeting that makes you and your family and visitors smile upon arrival!  I like to call these art expressions 'heart hugs'.   It might be a burgandy sunflower on a yellow door, a cone flower on a white door or daisies on a red door but don't limit this to flowers.... what about a big bass fish, a boat, hockey skates, your dog?  or whatever you are passionate about?  Let me know what you are thinking and I'll make it work! 


Such a fun expressive way to showcase your home and what you love!

It's a statement, an accent, a personal expression of joy, a warm welcome, a piece of your art!

I'd love to be a part of giving your door a creative boost! 

Keep in mind the exterior doors can only be done during a certain 'weather' window if you will.

I call them:

mAwDOORable Doors!

Cost will vary according to size, complexity of the image and if the door is requiring a change of colour.

Pricing starts at $150 per door.


Debbie's Back Door

I was contacted by Debbie Kennedy from Homelife Bayside Realty Ltd to add some creative flare to her back door.  She approached me while I was working a shift at The Artist Co-op in Owen Sound.  Debbie loved my floral paintings and had envisioned wild roses on her back door. 


When I went to her house I also suggested I do something fun with the garden shed door and she was very receptive to that - I surprised her with a gorgeous echinacea (purple cone flower) and she was thrilled!   Debbie has beautiful flower gardens and wanted to keep some of the blooms everlasting on her door - it made her back entrance personal, warm and inviting as she is!

Here's what Debbie said about the experience:


Thank you Kelly Maw, superb artist, for the finishing touches to a couple of doors in my backyard!

Happy delightful creations that make your smile!


- Debbie

​Her friends responded to photos she posted with these comments:


- Wowza Debbie, it is unique and beautiful.  I'm sooo jealous!

- Oh my gosh I love those doors!

- What a wonderful enhancement to your oasis!

- That looks awesome - great solution for that door - creative and gorgeous!

Kelly's mAw-Door-able Front Door

It all started with a door and a vision!  I have come to the realization that if it's nailed down....or not - it is becoming my canvas (lol)! 


I love creating little rays of sunshine everywhere - my front door became that canvas for that ray and received the daisy treatment! 


It's about colour and happiness and combining the two!

Cost will vary according to size, complexity of the image and if the door is requiring a change of colour.

Pricing starts at $150 per door.







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