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Sharing Stories and Passions in Art

Sharing Stories and Passions in Art



What is your story?  What are your passions?

One of my great passions is connecting with clients

and creating a meaningful statement piece for their space.

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You will receive a gallery depth, hang-ready canvas painting of your subject.


Here is a sample of sizes - Check with me for more options:

  • 12x12  $225

  • 24x24  $850

  • 24x30  $1080

  • 24x48  $1725

  • 30x40  $1800

A 30% security deposit is required to confirm booking.
Wait times may vary.

Cash and Etransfer accepted.

Transportation and delivery costs may apply. Please see Shipping and Returns Policy.

Karin's Lily

A wife's favourite flowers

Karin and her hubby contacted me to commission this beautiful lily. It was a wonderful opportunity to paint my favorite thing - flowers! We arranged for her to pick the painting up at The Fine Art Christmas Show in Owen Sound - double the fun!

karin commission Nov 2019.jpg

Here's what Karin and Ed said about the experience

We still love our painting just as much as the day we picked it up, and I'm sure we will feel that way forever. What a great job you did. We'd be very happy to recommend your work to anyone interested in a custom piece like this. You made the whole experience a great one.

Meaford Barn.jpg

The Heritage Barn

Celebrating a family's rural traditions

This Meaford barn is a strong symbol and point of pride for Barbara's family.


She loved the way the cheerful flax field balanced out the beautiful summer sky in the original image. But, she also wanted the painting to capture the riotous beauty of traditional Ontario ditch flowers. I had a lot of fun adding extra sweet peas, Queen Anne's lace, chickory, and goldenrod along the fenceline.

It was wonderful to hear stories about the barn and to honour it in this piece!

Algoma Compass Ship.jpg

Icons of a City Harbour

A realty company brings the heart of the harbour into their workspace

When Brandon and Gil Vanderschot from Brand Realty contacted me to do some pieces for their office in Owen Sound, they wanted images that were representative of our unique City.


This trio focuses on our amazing port and the activity that happens there. Many thanks to the photographers who provided reference images for these paintings.


The Algoma Compass (Photo by Jamie Smith)
This was so exciting to paint especially because of the perspective of the huge chain. 


The Cheechimaun (Photo by Jamie Smith)
"The Cheech" spends its winters in our harbour and has the grandest tattoo ever! 

The Grain Elevators (Photo by Michelle Breadner Robinson)
These are a landmark in our working harbour. I love the contrast of the delicate swan swimming in the reflection of the elevators. 

Grain Elevators.jpg

Charlie the Charolaise Cow

While working a shift at the Owen Sound Artist’s Co-op three customers came in looking for me – they had seen my work before and asked me to paint a very large painting of a Charolaise bull cow. 


They provided me with a photo they loved and I did some research for more details on this type of cow.  It was great fun achieving the details of the eyelashes and hairs on the chin!


Don't let the tiny photo fool you, at 40" x 48", that's a lot of bull!


Charlie the Charolaise at Home - Acrylic on Canvas_edited.jpg

Welcome to Our Family

Rosie's Wedding Bouquet Portrait



Anita wanted to do something special for her daughter-in-law to celebrate her recent wedding in France. 

She emailed me reference photos of the wedding bouquet, and we discussed the soft tones and unique palette of this very organic, all-natural bouquet. 


The painting's 12" x 12" size captured the delicateness of the bouquet.


Here's what Anita said about the experience:


You took my idea and listened carefully to what I wanted.  You were so enthused over the idea and I really appreciated that.

Rosie was very happy ~ and impressed! ~ with the painting and it is now hanging in their home in the Middle East ~ Amman, Jordan.  It travelled all that way and arrived unscathed.  


It was certainly a pleasure working with you and the painting turned out fantastic.

John's Cruiser

For the man who has almost everything



Toni wanted to surprise her boyfriend with a painting of his favourite sports car.  I was thrilled with the request and we came up with a great reference photo with awesome sun reflections

12" x 24" is just enough room to capture all those sleek reflections!


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