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Studio Policy

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The Mat & The Easel is a social environment that makes every effort to be all inclusive and unconditional.  Artistic creativity is encouraged and supported.  Payment in full for lessons is required upon registration or if prearranged at arrival of first lesson. 

Parking should be in the private driveway – please pull all the way in to allow room for fellow classmates.  Kindly refrain from parking in any other private locations – side streets do permit parking.

As a customer of The Mat & The Easel you will be invited to join in lively conversations and provided the tools to create art and self-expression.  You can safely expect an outcome of increased happiness, confidence, artistic expression, and delightful connection with others.

Privacy & Safety

The Mat & The Easel encourages the respect of fellow students privacy as well as the privacy of Kelly’s home.  Your personal information will never be distributed to any other parties.  Third party banking is used to verify payments. 

Photos may be used on social media - please advise if you do not want your image used.

Being mindful of your surroundings and using care is everyone’s responsibility.  Please use extra caution when pulling out on to the busy street.  Walkways and lane way will be kept clear of snow and debris. 

Payment Methods
Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards

- Offline Payments

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