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"It’s hard to believe that I created this painting. 
Thanks for teaching us a new way to look at painting flowers" – Paul


Welcome to my Mawvelous World!

I am an acrylic artist and I love every aspect of creating art.  From photographing the images to recreating it on canvas (or board, or door, or skirt...get the picture?) in every little detail!

I also love teaching and would love to teach you my two brush two step or three brush side step - lol it can get a little out of hand at times but is a very effective way to blend colours ;)

After leaving 20 years in a corporate setting I decided to depart from the stress and I studied and certified myself in Hatha Yoga and now enjoy the health benefits that yoga brings to my life.  It is my great pleasure to share that with you on my YouTube Channel MaWvelous Yoga with Kelly.  I also teach in home although that is quite limited currently.

I have a beautiful Springer Spaniel named Sybella (Sybby for short) and I love camping in my RV named Miss Daisy!  I try to find the happy or joy in all things around me and love to share that enthusiasm with you! 

Please feel welcome to poke around on my website and send me a note.  Is there a commission piece I can help with?  Does your front door need to be more inviting? Would you like to learn how to paint a certain image?  Does your downward dog cause you grief? I can help!

Have a Mawvelous Day!  Hope to see you soon!

Kelly Maw







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