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colourful vegetables
"It’s more than about the painting – it is about the social time we have together –
thank you, Kelly, you are such an inspiration."  - Mary

Welcome to my Mawthentic, Mawvelous World!!

  I have an Art Mawb of amazing students!  Classes are a blend of Zoom and at my kitchen table. Many a Mawsterpiece is created!  I also teach at a fabulous location to explore your creativity!

  I love to paint everything and every image! From canvas to doors to clothes, I can't think of anything I wouldn't Mawdify with paint lol!  Follow my Art Attacks on FB  and Instagram Kelly Maw Floral Artist.

  The Mat & The Easel is a blend of art and yoga to help me balance my creative energy.  YouTube MaWvelous Yoga with Kelly has lots of Mini MaWvelous Mudras! 

  My days are filled with many giggles with my beautiful English Springer Spaniel named Sybella and I love camping in my RV named Miss Daisy!

Have a Mawvelous Day!  Nah-Maw-ste :)