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"It’s more than about the painting – it is about the social time we have together –
thank you, Kelly, you are such an inspiration."  - Mary

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Welcome to my Mawvelous World!!

Please enjoy checking out my Colourful Creative Life as an artist and creativepreneur!

I have an Art Mawb of amazing students!  Classes are a blend of Zoom and at my kitchen table.  I also teach at a fabulous location to explore your creativity!

I love to paint everything and every image! From canvas to doors to clothes, I can't think of anything I wouldn't paint lol!

The Mat & The Easel is a blend of art and yoga to help me balance my creative energy. Check out my YouTube MaWvelous Yoga with Kelly for tons of Mini MaWvelous Mudras!

I have a beautiful English Springer Spaniel named Sybella (Sybby for short) and I love camping in my RV named Miss Daisy!

Have a Mawvelous Day!  Hope to see you soon! xo








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