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"It’s hard to believe that I created this painting. 
Thanks for teaching us a new way to look at painting flowers" – Paul


Welcome to my wonderful world –

A world where I offer to you my passion to create and sell art.  As an acrylic artist, I love a colourful palette and the creative process of laying paint to canvas.  I especially love painting flowers – they are joyful and delicate, complex and detailed.  When I immerse myself behind the easel everything else disappears and I tap into my creative self! 


It is the process of watching others succeed that fills my heart.  I love to play with words so creating my Simply Maw-velous workshops shows you that it is about fun and creativity – you will leave my workshops... or rather "Funshops" with a great sense of accomplishment and a heart full of social spirit!

Hopefully, we all find coping tools to deal with our daily stresses. My experience working in a stressful environment has led me to yoga.  I am an active person and appreciate that yoga offers physical engagement as well as mental relaxation.  As a dance teacher for over 14 years, it felt like a natural transition to start teaching yoga. 


I love the concept of combining art and yoga and future Funshops will see that natural blend – although you won’t be expected to paint while in a downward dog pose we will combine it in a fun, nurturing way!

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