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It's an Art Attack!

Colourful door paintings and fun with creativity!
A variety of my Art Attacks!

Shhhhh..... be very quiet.....

...I'm having an Art Attack!!

What is she talking about?!

Well let me tell you! I'm talking about creating beautiful art everywhere and on everything! Who says artist's only paint on canvas - not this one - there is fun to be had painting on doors, chairs, tables, plywood.... you name it - I'm painting on it! #mAwDOORable, #loveyourdoor

And how can I not be having a grand time? Well true that - life is colourful, organic and continuously changing and I encourage you to embrace it and make your mark!

Follow me on Instagram @kellymmaw to see where the next art attack is happening #artistoninstagram. Share with me your art attacks #artattack. Mine have been happening in Owen Sound, Meaford and even in the Muskokas #havepaintwilltravel! The gorgeous summer weather has definitely been a making my outdoor Art Attack projects a great deal of fun.

What will your art attack be? Please share your inspirations with me on my Facebook page - I'd love to see what colours your world! In fact come and have an Art Attack with me at my kitchen table! Learn the 2 brush 2 step, the blend and dip and so much more... oh and plan to have your heart hugged with laughter, companionship and warm encouragement as you play with paint and have your own Art Attack - although in my kitchen it had better be on canvas lol! Put a smile on your face, in your heart and on your canvas - fill your art and soul!

Quick someone call 411!!! She's having an Art Attack!!

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