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Start with a plan!

vibrant, peonie, raindrops, floral
Gorgeous Peonie with raindrops!

Often we don't start something new because we don't have a clue where to actually start. It's easier not to try or to say we can't do that particular thing. New experiences can manifest into careers, hobbies, friendships, personal growth and most importantly happiness.

The first thing I do when I start a new painting is make a plan, this will ebb and flow as I go along but it gives me a place to start. I think of it as looking where you're to - not where you're at. This was very important when I learned to ride a motorcycle but it also plays an important role in other new challenges and painting is one of them! Colour, composition and contrast are three considerations when creating a painting.

Colour as a plan is a great place to start. It may be the colour that attracted me to the image, what colour I am passionate about, what colour of decor I want to compliment, or the natural colour that nature has already chosen. I'll also consider what colours compliment each other and will bring colour harmony.

Composition plays an important role in my plan. How do I want the image to fit on the canvas? Will the composition of the image wrap around the sides or fill the whole canvas? Is there balance and harmony in the composition?

Contrast also factors in to the plan. It is often what happens along the way. One of the strongest contrasts is dark and light so I will often consider this as I go along and push the darks and push the lights. This contrast will strengthen the image.

Colour, composition and contrast are just a few considerations when creating a plan to paint an image. Pay attention - or look carefully - at the image, consider the end result - or look where you're to not where you're at. Remember to breathe lol - it's just paint my friends and can always be changed, adjusted or tweaked - just like life! We learn and grow and cultivate new experiences all the time - starting with a plan is a great way to alleviate some of the fears or uncertainties.

Until next time - hope to spend time with you at my Kitchen Table ~


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