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Leave Your Love Everywhere...

Our mantra for paint lessons this week is Leave Your Love Everywhere! And you can see from my photo of these paintings that are just being started that there is a lot of love being left at my kitchen table!

What does this mean to you?

When I read this phrase in a book by Barbara De Angelis called the Choice for Love it really resonated with me.

Some people are naturally good at leaving their love everywhere. When I talked about this in paint class I really wanted my students to know that by coming to my classes they were doing just that - leaving their love - leaving it on the canvas yes, but also leaving their love with me and with the people sharing space at the table together.

Two of my students were under 10 years old and we laughed about how they would leave their love everywhere by hugging and squeezing their mom and dad and that is so perfect! I like to think that teachers, care givers, doctors, nurses, and so many other amazing people are leaving their love everywhere and we are a much richer society because of it!

When I sit down behind the easel - my favorite spot - I am leaving my love on each and every canvas that I paint. Care and thought goes into choosing the image I'm going to paint as well as care and intention for the colours and brush strokes. I leave my love with every student that comes to see me as I encourage them to draw, paint and create. How amazing is that? Leaving your love everywhere actually fills you with love in return!

So I'll part with this - Leave your love everywhere and see what happens!

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