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'Refresh' your creativity browser!

'I don't have a creative bone in my body'....'I can only paint if there are numbers to follow'....'I can't paint'...I'm not creative'.... any of these sound like you? Then maybe it's time for you to 'refresh' your creativity browser!

What does that mean?? Well, think of what happens when you are searching online for something but you keep getting outdated info, you keep going back to the same site but it's not giving you what you expect. Then you think ohhhhh yahhhh, I need to refresh my browser! You click on refresh and then the info you were expecting shows up. The weather link is a good one for this or road conditions. Are you following me?

Well creativity is no different! Perhaps as a child you painted something that someone teased you about, that may have made you think you're no good....and that's that...for ever.... Really? I say no to that! No art is bad art, it is an expression of the playful you, your inner child, your colourful soul, so refresh it and let it shine!

I refresh my creativity regularly now - I do this by changing my colour palette, by trying different painting techniques, by painting subject matter that challenges me or by teaching any of these. I offer a safe place for you to try out and practice your creativity at my kitchen table. It's an all inclusive place to play with colour, drawing and painting! As you keep coming to paint class you start building new muscle memory on holding the paint brush, blending colours, drawing and basically creative thinking. Each time you start a new painting you have a better plan on how to approach the subject to get a result you are thrilled with. It does take practice but so what - that's the fun part!

By creating my Simply Maw-velous Funshops I offer a place to refresh your creativity browser! Although I suggest what we're going to paint it really is more about the expression of self that you allow that will nurture your soul and give you 'me' time.

So I say hit your 'refresh' button! On all of the things in life that excite you! In the garden, in the kitchen, in any and all of the things that have lost their zing factor! I welcome you to subscribe to my site and share with me what you have 'refreshed' and how alive it makes you feel! Let's meet at my kitchen table and talk about it! Until then...



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